Monday, March 14, 2011

Engineering Doom

The Dark One sat in his element, face hidden in the infinite shadow of a hood. The other sat across from him, nose sharp, eyes blinking the cold twinkle of a knife in a candle's flicker.

Their fingertips traced the rims of guilded cups. Beyond the chamber door raged the tortured sounds of an innumerable human throng.

"And how shall we bring them to this doom, Master?"

"Slowly," the Dark One said. "Slowly. They shall erect their own cage. We'll need to do little.

"So it shall be: first, they shall fear the cold," the Dark One said, "and they will fear the animals with stronger bones and sharper teeth. They will want refuge from the beasts and from the cold. They will want fire and strong walls, so they will hide in caves and protect those caves with flame.

"Then, they will see that hiding alone is not enough -- the beasts will venture in, when the fire dies. So, they will seek out alliances with each other; someone to watch the entrance; someone to stoke the fires while others sleep. Soon, they will grow into numbers too large for single caves so they will build hovels in small clusters -- where they can readily come to each other's aid.

"Before long, they will raise walls to keep out those from other clusters -- no longer will they fear beasts, but each other. They will work, making weapons and armor for protection and they will make war upon each other. But that will not be their undoing."

The other smiled, tilting his head.

"Feeling safe," the Dark One continued, "they will become comfortable. And when they are so, they will begin building machines -- not just machines of wood and metal but machinations of society. It is the latter that will stifle and eventually trap them. Their systems; their procedures; their illusory monetary structures; their rigid philosophies -- these will be the iron bars of their cage.

"They will no longer think, they will react as they were taught. They will commit unspeakable atrocities, not only of the body but of the heart. When the structures they created fail, they will despair. Eventually, their failing systems of wealth will bring them to their knees.

"When others disagree with their philosophies, they will cling to their beliefs so tightly that even a funeral will no longer be sacred, but a platform for demonstration of their supposed superiority. They will be tangled in the artificials they, themselves, have made, forgetting their natural connection to the world; forgetting that the only realities are birth, breath, pain, pleasure and death.

"It is then that we will have them. It is then that we will lead them, dazed and broken, through our gates."

"I understand, Master. I will see to it."

The other stepped briskly toward the chamber door.

"And, Ambition," called the Dark One.

Ambition turned. "Yes, Master."

"Let no thought lean toward freedom, in any person's head."

Ambition smiled a yellow smile.


  1. I dunno...ambition could totally have been played by the internet and the overconnected under-emoted world we live in here...