Dear Albrecht

Albrecht Soothspitz (b.1347) is a philosopher, epic poet and expert crafter of fruit pies. He is the founder of the Curmudgeonic School of Philosophy, which was based the medieval walled town of Stankburgen, which rested on the border of a now-defunct country, near very extensive, spooky woods. In the summer of 1398, deep in what Albrecht likes to call his "modus ponderosus," he absently wandered into a dark forest and became lost. He was discovered sitting on a rock, chin in hands, in the fall of 2008 by Chris, who lead him out of the forest. It seems the deep state of thought Albrecht had achieved somehow allowed him to transcend the continuum of time. The result: more than 600 years of meditation and epiphany that Albrecht wishes to share with the people of our age in the form of an advice column.

Hats and Rabbits is pleased to welcome Albrecht to its staff. Please send your requests for advice to Albrecht by going to our "Contact" page.

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