Really, I'm no one of note, but I have been busy.  I have been making music as long as I can remember and cranking out stories since high school.  I'm a writing and literature teacher both in high school and in college and I have worked in professional bands since I was old enough to get into clubs.  I won't give you a list of my accomplishments -- unless you are Toni Morrison or Billy Joel, these lists always reek of exaggeration and posturing. ("Matarazzo has directed numerous musical and dramatic productions" = "He directed high school plays" -- that sort of thing.) Truth is, I have done various kinds of stuff but you've never heard of me, so I won't pretend I am some successful genius that you simply haven't discovered yet.  Sincerity is very important to me in this blog.  In fact, sincerity may be the most precious part of all art and maybe of life.

What I am trying to do here is to publish pieces about what I spend most of my time doing: trying to figure the way both people and the world works -- the way all writers do, really.  But it is important for us to share in this process.  I don't have the keys to a meaningful existence (I haven't thought so since I was twenty).  But, together, maybe we can find them -- or, at least, get closer.

As I mentioned to the left, "hats and rabbits" is a metaphor.  It seems to me everything in our social world comes down to what we hide and what we show; what we can see easily and what lies hidden.  I wouldn't want it any other way, really.

So, here you will find my "take" on things, in the form of short pieces, sometimes of a serious and sometimes of a satirical nature.  (I have also been known to fall into absolute Monty Pythonesque silliness.)  Regardless of the form, I promise you will always find my very best effort.  I'll build a Frankenstein's monster and your comments can be the lightning bolts that bring him alive. Deal?

For further explanation of what I am up to, in post form, you might want to read:

Please check back every Wednesday.  Thanks!