Friday, July 8, 2011

Presenting . . .

The truth is, for today, I wasn't likely to write anything better than what I am about to share with you. I believe that writing should not be an egotistical exercise. You have to know when someone has said something as well as it can be said and, then, sometimes, it is wise to step aside and open the curtain for that someone.

Here is piece on a blog that I follow: "zmkc". "Z" is one of the best writers I have seen online; she writes about lots of things, from books to print/grammar issues to -- my favorite -- life, in general.

This is a piece about outer beauty and inner ugliness (and vice-versa) written with grace, incisive humor and the sort of keen observation and control I have come to expect from this fine writer. Enjoy "In the Bag," Then, pick up the flashlight and have a look inside for yourself.

(Any of my former writing students out there: study the passage of the girls at the table. That's how you do it.)


  1. Thanks for this, Chris. I've been meaning to become a regular rather than occasional reader of zmkc. This post prompted me to take the plunge.

  2. Stone the crows, strike a light, no need to make a sheila blush, mate. You are exceedingly kind, Chris, and I thank you for your extremely generous remarks. Takes one to know one and all that rot, to shift to Wodehouse mode.

  3. Jeff -- it will surely lead to the interaction of two excellent bloggers.

    Z -- Put down that stone! I shall desist -- for now. (And thank *you* as well.)

    Eeew. This is all getting a little group-huggy. Wodehouse mode, it is.