Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Road to Hell (on a Hot Day)

The worst place to be is the land of half-philosophy.

Spend your time trying to figure out life and attaining the knowledge and reasoning skills to handle the most difficult questions with some degree of control, and you will be fine.

Spend your life in a natural state of zen, just living and loving and existing with a guilt-free ability to just work hard and then to relax completely, and you will be fine. around on the half-constructed chassis of a machine that is based on the really big ideas you haven't totally worked out or supported with education (self-education or otherwise) and you are on the road to Hell on a hot day.

Gustave Doré


  1. (psst -- that's Gustav Doré, not Albrecht Dürer. See
    Dante Astray in the Dusky Wood)

    1. You'd think, having taught Dante at Rutgers out of a text filled Dore's illustrations, I would not make that mistake. You'd think... In short...DUH!