Monday, May 26, 2014

The Man and the Bird (A Riddle-Parable)


The bird flies. The man walks.

The man sees the bird fly; he dreams of flight.

The bird flies and thinks nothing of it, because it is what he does. It is, to him, as walking is to the man.

If the man could fly, he would soon think nothing of it.

The difference: the bird just goes on being a bird, with no disappointment and no regret.The man laments his loss of wonder and begins searching for something higher than flight.

The bird dies a bird. The man dies a man. One of them missed the point.

Which one was it?


  1. Learn to live as you are, but also aspire for the greater. You can have both if you want.

  2. [Adopts teacherly pose, arms folded, unwilling to impose his interpretation. Raises one eyebrow. Nods almost imperceptibly.]