Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Missing Dignity

I miss dignity.

I recently saw an "article" about things couples do when they have been together for a long time. One of them was "you let him pee in the shower when you are showering together." There is such a long list of ways that this shows a lack of dignity that I can't give it the time required...

If this (at best) unhygenic practice is common, first of all: welcome to the Express Bus Ride to De-evolution. Second of all...why would anyone write about this? -- why would in Internet-reading world admit to the truth of this, if it were the case? Lack of dignity is the only thing I can think of.

A lost look of dignity? 
The other day, I saw a clip -- I guess it was from a game show -- in which a woman admitted that she has an agreement with her mistrusted man. When he goes out without her, she writes her name on [How shall I put this on a dignified blog?] him. If he comes home with the ink smudged, she knows he has cheated.

It's strange enough to do this, but, to go on TV and admit it? Total lack of dignity. Even if Sharpie Girl made it up to get on TV, it still shows a lack of dignity: she is willing to make a fool of herself for fifteen minutes of fame.

Some years ago, I heard a prominent media personality telling a story of having, and I quote, "pooped [his] pants" during a visit to The White House. Charming honesty, or a total lack of dignity? I'll let you decide, but I have kept him anonymous, because I care more for his dignity than he does.

Celebrities go on TV and allow their drug and alcohol rehab to be made public and all I can think is "dollars over dignity."

As a teacher, I often hear students saying things to each other that seem to show the same tendency, especially when it comes to conversation between the young men and the young women...

Yet, at the same time, we seem to be drawn to a new synthetic dignity; "selfie dignity," if you will. We don't hide having soiled our undergarments in The White House but we present ourselves in the soundbite/selfie world as if we can elevate even a trip to the laundromat to rock star status. [Picture of a young man, taken from above to strengthen jawline; caption: "Rocking the whites..."] If dignity is a form of withholding of the truth, we have mitigated any argument for the lack of honesty of that with a whole different kind of lying...

If you will excuse me, I have to go because... You know what? I'm not telling you.

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