Friday, June 24, 2011

Steve and Walt (A Dialogue)

Two worker ants, Steve and Walt, sit, resting, after a long day's work.

Steve: Tough day on the hill, eh, Walt?

Walt: You said it, Steve-o. I must have carried about ten times my body weight a few hundred times.

Steve: What's that work out to?

Walt: No idea. That's math I can't handle.

Steve: True that.

(A long pause. The two ants clean their antennae.)

Steve: Ever wonder if there is something more up there? Like -- I dunno. A Supreme Ant?

Walt: What the hell are you talking about?

Steve: Like an Ant of All Ants -- an ant who calls the shots for us. An ant who can do anything, see everything  -- travel distances that would take us lifetimes in only a day. That kind of thing.

Walt: Are you an idiot?

Steve: No. Listen. Once I saw a great thing come out of the sky and smash four hundred ants at once.

Walt: So?

Steve: The Supreme Ant was angry. How else would you explain it?

Walt: Well, not with a Supreme Ant fairytale, I can tell you that. That goes against everything we know. It's ridiculous.

Steve: Why is it ridiculous?

Walt: Because, it is.

Steve: And what about the time the Great Sugar Mound just fell out of the sky? Remember that?

Walt: Yes. But . . .

Steve: A gift from he Supreme Ant. Nothing else it could be.

Walt: Steve, it could be lots of stuff . . .

Steve: Like what.

Walt: I don't know. Like, an accident. Stuff happens that we don't understand. It doesn't mean there is something bigger than us up there.

Steve: Well, what does it mean then?

Walt: I don't know, but a Supreme Ant is foolish.

Steve: Why?

Walt: Because it is. Because it doesn't add up, logically, that there is a being up there that are is much more powerful than us. Why do you think it is foolish not to believe in a Supreme Ant?

Steve: Because it is. I just know He is up there.

Walt: You're an idiot.

Steve: You're an idiot.

At that exact moment, an eight-year-old boy sat on a bench to eat his ice cream and crushed the life out of Steve, Walt and every friend they ever had.

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