Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Worldwide Soliloquy

I believe this will happen. I really do.

Some day, everyone in the world, at the exact same time, is going to stop what they are doing and they are going to slap their own foreheads and speak the same soliloquy, in unison, from one end of the Earth to the other. This will be it:

"Idiot! What have you been thinking? You have been putting every drop of your energy into becoming a better (here, each person will deviate into things like: business person, singer, accountant, baseball player, cook, lover, runner, musician, hunter, chief, captain, priest, hat-maker, kisser, gamer, factory hand, blacksmith, philosopher, knitter, blogger, teacher, doctor, carpenter, father, mother, brother, tooth brusher, driver, painter, critic, boxer, talker, baker, village elder, caterer, scientist, skater, cleaner -- ad infinitum . . .) when, all of this time, you should have been working more at becoming better at life, as a whole. All of this time, you have been squinting into a microscope beneath the starry vault of heaven, streaked as it is with color and tiny sparkles that are miles wide. All of this time, you have been counting grains instead of building sandcastles. All of this time, you having been staring at one dot, taking in only one point of color instead of the entire multichromatic shape. All of this time, you have been carrying sloshing cups away from an ocean instead of submerging yourself in its diamond coolness. All of this time, you have been standing in a field of daffodils, neck bent down to fill a paper bag with dying petals, instead of taking-in the yellow forever of the waving, friendly millions. All of this time, you've been marking time and setting goals instead of running for unmarked distances for unrewarded joy that rewards itself."

And then, as if choreographed, a myriad of briefcases will be set down -- not forgotten or ignored, but placed aside in their proper places, along with every other tool of various trades, from guns to computers to work boots.

And then, and only then, things will change.

Okay. I don't believe this will happen. I really don't.

But, it already has with me. Am I on my own? I can't believe that.

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