Monday, March 19, 2012

Raul's Ascent

A lot of people, including myself, complain about some of the effects of our rapidly-evolving technologies. In a lot of ways, technology is becoming something of an enemy of individuality; the over-emphasis on networking, team-mentality and social technology is, to some extent, causing people to fall deeper and deeper into constant interdependence on others.

But, in the hands of the right individuals, technology can be one of the most powerful tools for individual achievement. Twenty -- even ten years ago -- I would never have been able to have produce my CD on my own, as I did. The technology that is now available allowed me to do, for a few thousand dollars, what would have been financially impossible for me to have done just a short while ago.

Everything depends on people having individually-thinking minds -- on their seeing what possibilities, for individual expression, that technology allows. I guess what I am saying is that all is not lost. Teamwork is cool, and all, but I can't help but have a soft-spot for the achievement of one person with an idea.

In short, kudos to this kid, Raul Oaida. Yeah, he had some help, but he's the one who had the idea. (Getting some help is not the same as having a hive-mentality.) He's the one who made it happen. I just think this is cool:

(Hat Tip: Denise Marie Porter-Ramos)

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