Friday, April 19, 2013

Self Descriptions of the Self Critical

We're walking a line in America, now, with trends of bragging. What used to be considered arrogance is now considered "good self-esteem" in lots of cases. But I do think that it is true that most women tend to be hard on themselves, when it comes to their own appearance. The sad results, sometimes, include anorexia and even suicide.

I'm in a weird place with all of this. I tend to think one should have a little more depth than to have his or her own appearance play such a large part in his or her assessment of self-worth, but we do tend, culturally, especially to push girls into believing there is a way to look and if one doesn't fit the profile...

However, I think we, sometimes, in trying to increase self-esteem, wind up sending unhealthy messages. For instance, in order to try to fight anorexia, we tell girls it is okay to have "curves." (By the way, in this reporter's humble yet enthusiastic opinion, it most certainly is...) It's unfortunate, though, that some girls who are overweight, to unhealthy levels, have taken up the slogan for themselves.

Truth is, it is not okay to be fat. I mean, it is okay with me if you want to be fat but it's bad for your health to be fat. That's science. You're not a bad person -- but you do need to lose weight if you are obese. Self-esteem is not worth a heart-attack at 35. It would be a shame to see someone die early because she has embraced her "curviness."

All of this said, women are certainly hard on themselves, and though I am not a fan of most self-esteem campaigns, I thought this Dove clip was pretty profound. In fact, I think every woman and every girl should see this. I also think all parents of girls ought to show this to their daughters, right away:

(Thanks to Cy Martin for pointing this clip out.)

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