Friday, July 26, 2013

The Truth Isn't Always Original

One of the biggest clashes of all time is the one between parents and non-parents. Non-parents hate that parents hound them about the wonders of parenthood and that those same parents "push" non-parents to have kids in order to find fulfillment in their lives. Parents get offended by non-parents who laud their freedom in not having children and they laugh at the non-parents when they complain about being "busy." It is a never-ending war.

More kids at work.
Sometimes, I feel conscious of this when I write about parenthood. I almost feel like it is offensive to non-parents to say when things are good in Dadland. Being a parent is not the life for everyone, and I can see why people choose not to be parents, especially when things are going roughly -- and, believe me, they do, sometimes. In fact, I think that more people should choose not to be parents. There's nothing worse than having kids because one feels one has to. It makes for bad results.

In short, I respect those who choose not to be parents.

That said, during the summer, I bring my boys with me to work (a high school) one day per week to give my wife, Karen, who works from home, a break.

The other day I was at my desk working on scheduling (the academic vice-principal's curse) and my boys were sitting watching a video on a TV I dragged into my office for their amusement.

I looked at the two still-cherubic faces (they are 11 and 9) as they viewed a Disney movie. For about fifteen minutes, I watched them laugh at the film and talk softly to one another and my heart simply flooded with goodness -- love, admiration, beauty, wonder, warmth. Looking upon those two little guys, for me, is pure joy. At that moment, I considered myself the most fortunate dope on the planet.

I hope everyone else has a source for these feelings, parents and non-parents alike. I know it's corny, but there it is again: love. It doesn't matter where you get it, as long as you get it somewhere. There is no gift on Earth that is better.


  1. You are extremely soppy - but right

    1. One has to occasionally proudly expose one's own soppiness in the interest of truth...