Friday, August 2, 2013

David Hasselhoff and Me

Today, in the car, my son asked to listen to my CD (available, here [fireworks and flashing sign in the shape of an arrow pointing to the link]!) so I put it on. Halfway through the first song, my son asked me: "Dad, are you ever going to try to get a record deal."

I thought about it for longer than I needed to. "No," I told him.


"Too much work," I said. "If someone heard my music on Internet radio or something and offered me a deal, I would consider it," I said. "But I'm not going to waste valuable time trying to get signed."

His knowledge of the record business, at this point, comes exclusively from the sit-com Full House, which, for some reason, he is addicted to. He knows "Uncle Jesse" (John Stamos) was in a band and they had a contract, etc.

"What if," he said, echoing the show, "you had a hit in Japan?"

This makes me laugh, a little, because I often joke that I should either move to Israel or to the Philippines. For some reason, I get consistent and very positive feedback from listeners in those countries. Could I be, to Israel, what David Hasselhoff is to Germany? (With less impressive pectoral muscles, of course.)

It's funny how different my answer to my son's question is now than it would have been to a similar question in my twenties. We change so much over time. I have never stopped making music and I never will, but I'd rather watch movies under blankets with my family than live on the road and play to full stadiums.

But...what if I had a hit in Japan (or Israel)? How many people have committed their lives to the opportunity to fulfill a dream they think they should follow; and how many people have wound up unhappy as a result? Or...could we just watch movies together as a family on the tour bus?

All hypothetical, of course...but I still have to wonder.

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