Friday, August 30, 2013

Kelli vs. Miley or "Yuck" vs. "Enchanted!"

The collective social concept of sexuality is "devolving," no?

Uh, no. 
To borrow a phrase once used by someone I know: I knew I was heterosexual at a very early age. From as early as I can remember, I was powerfully attracted to the opposite sex. It was silly, really. (Isn't it, always?) 

Ask any man, and he will agree: sometimes, you felt like Curly from The Three Stooges in the episode in which he was conditioned to a Pavlovian response to a bell: ding, and he started boxing. Except, for us, a pretty girl was the bell and you couldn't just start...uh...boxing. So, then, you were the cowboy from the old movies jumping out onto the team of horses to the stagecoach to stop the whole thing before it fell off of the cliff.

In the course of natural growth and maturity, we are supposed to get past that. As the chemicals balance and the reason kicks in, we move forward. Right? Sure -- we remain interested and even powerfully driven toward sexuality, but, we become better able to control our urges and, one would hope, more equipped to appreciate the profundity of sex -- to no longer regard it as simply a need to be satiated and to treat it as a deep expression of feeling. 

You wouldn't know it from pop culture. 

I, for one, think the kind of sexuality that is peddled to the modern audience is just plain silly. Worse, it doesn't even have the innate sense of humor that the runaway train of those early days of sexual awakening did. It's not even real enough to be's just laughable, in an "at it" but not "with it" kind of way. 

I mean, twerking, for god's sake?

I'll tell you one thing. I'm not allowing the curmudgeon argument into this one. I am still an enthusiastic fan of the beauty of a woman. It's just that, now (because I'm not thirteen -- though, I like to think I was more complex, even then), when she behaves twerkishly, it is like a switch is automatically turned off in me: complete and immediate disinterest. I'm not being judgmental; just telling it like it is. I like mystery, and that ain't it. And I like complexity.

Kelli Williams: My only extramarital
crush. (Which has a lot to do with her intelligent
character on the excellent show, Lie to Me.)
To a seasoned musician, the thump-thump-thump of a bass drum is not enough to hold the attention. The rhythms need more complexity; there needs to be harmonic direction; melodies need to carry sonic meaning. 

In the end, the real question is: Is the general populace really in a state of arrested development? Or, has ridiculous sexuality, like the Miley Cyrus thing, just become a vehicle for an ongoing joke that we are all willing to pay for, thus deflating the importance of one of the greatest human gifts?

For this guy, given a choice between Kelli (second pic) and Miley (first pic), it's pretty simple. 

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