Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Waking the Sun:" The Art of Family

I was kind of groping for something to write today. Thinking about it last night, I had a few ideas, but nothing that "knocked me out." Then, I woke up and Karen, my wife, was checking Facebook on her phone and she found a video had been posted of the song I wrote, arranged and produced with my friend Mark -- the one I shared some time ago, here. (Please believe me when I tell you we are working on working diligently on the next tune. It's been a busy summer...)

Of course, it delighted me. Mark made this video with his talented daughter, Cassie (who I am sure did the bulk of the artistic work).

Musicians are always chasing fame. But Mark and I made choices long ago: we wanted families and we our lives to have more dimensions than music, even though music has always, for both of us, been the other side of the every scale's balance in our worlds.

Fame? Meh. What is cooler than making a song, in your own home, with one of your best friends? What is cooler than a father and a daughter sitting down to interpret that song, together?

Nada, my friends.

Here is the video by Mark and his multi-talented daughter, Cassandra, for "Waking the Sun." If you don't like it, just clam up (he say, gently elbowing his dear reader in the ribs). Whatever you might have to say is hardly the point....

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