Monday, June 10, 2024

Hats and Rabbits is Moving!

Hello, friends. 

It is with some sadness and some excitement that I announce that I have moved Hats and Rabbits over to Substack. My renewed energy on writing posts has encouraged me to try a fresh medium. I'll miss the retro feel of this site so much that I can't see myself abandoning it completely. I have to figure out how I'll incorpoprate it. Stay tuned!

Until then, please join me on Substack. You can subscribe with an email or just check in to the blog on the computer, with or without the app. Subscriptions are free if you want one and you will get my posts in your email inbox each time. 

Please follow this LINK to go to the new blog. 

Soon, also, on Substack, I will be offering a Thursday feature in which I will repost some of my favorite posts from overt the years and I will be including audio of me reading them. I thought that might be fun to do, so check that out if you are an old-school follower!

Thanks for all your years of energy and loyal support. Hopefully we can open up a new door to carry this thing through the next decade...


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