Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The Problem with People

The problem with people is they eventually die. So, in that sense, you really can't count on them one-hundred percent. Also, while they live, they tend to let you down; disappoint you, from time to time -- sometimes profoundly. It's inevitable. Everyone will, at some point, let you down. This means they are human and imperfect; it's not a jab at them. I think this is all a pretty good reason not to hang all of your hopes for happiness on other people: not your best friend; not your spouse; not your family. It's really not fair to ask that of them. 

All of the pop-sociologists and even the more depth-delving psychologists say that one is happier with a circle of friends. Sure, we are social animals. Some of us less than others, but none of this changes the fact that none of us want to be alone. We all need companionship. 

But, like I said, companions die and they let us down. What do we do then?

We should be able to turn to non-social things that make us happy. Not just diversions, but true, deeply-beloved activities. I'll always have music and writing. What will you have?

I hope it is something truly big. Something profound and moving. Something that fuels your engines with the hottest flames, pushes steam through your veins and powers your traction motors to turn your wheels forward forever, over steep hills and through the darkest tunnels. 

I am not saying that you should shun humanity. I'm just saying you should have something to turn to when the inevitable happens. 

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