Friday, October 19, 2012

A New and Unique Book

I'd like to shut up for the day about my own ideas and use this post to mention a book that has just been published by a blogosphere friend of mine: Mr. Jeff Sypeck. Jeff is a medievalist and he is the keeper of the blog Quid plura? which is dedicated to identifying and commenting on medievalism in America and in American letters. He is also the author of an excellent book on Charlemagne.

Jeff has just published a book of poetry -- of poems inspired by his photographs of the gargoyles on  Washington's National Cathedral. The poems are whimsical and often profound and Jeff makes use of many formal poetic forms, including medieval forms, like alliterative verse. Whether you care about poetic formalism or not, I think you will find Jeff's book a delight. His gargoyles speak in the voices of characters who are distinct in a way that I would imagine only gargoyle characters can be.

What's also cool is that Jeff is donating 75% of his proceeds to the cathedral, to contribute to the repair of the damages incurred during the earthquake in 2011. A worthy cause -- the support of one of America's architectural wonders.

Jeff's new book is much recommended for those who are interested in fantasy literature, medieval literature or in finding a kind of unique traditionalism in poetry. In short, it is derned good stuff and you would be helping a good cause by ordering a copy.

Follow the link to Jeff's site for all ordering options.


  1. Chris, thank you--I was both flattered and stunned to pop over to your blog just now to find my own book cover leering back at me! You and a few of your regular commenters have long been supportive of this little book, and I'm very grateful for the kind words.