Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Cot: "The Storm"
It will be a quick one today. As I write, 8:30 am, Monday, October 29, 2012, the state of New Jersey is about to be directly hit with "the second biggest hurricane in recorded history." Our house right in its projected path, though not on the coast, where the most devastating damage is already being done. They say the shoreline will be permanently altered by this one. When a storm is being called worse than Grace -- The Perfect Storm -- it's nothing to sneeze at.

So, we're in a historic moment, here. There are some who are really aware of that and who are intrigued, as I am, and there are others who don't care. There are those who are petrified. There are those who are not the least bit fazed. There are those who are courageously defiant in the face of danger.

Just so, as with most remarkable things, this storm sets up a microcosmic portrait of humankind: the fools, the paranoid ones; the heroes; the simply and rationally prepared -- they are all exposed by their reactions to Hurricane Sandy.

At worst, I hope, we'll all be reading by candlelight for a little while. At best, this will be a good story for the grand-kids one day. We'll see what seeds it plants in my head for future ideas...

At any rate, from a reporting perspective, the winds are now picking up; the rain has gone a little more sideways. The trees are just starting to rock, including the giant oak just off of the side of my house. Here's hoping (and praying).


  1. Hope the C-Matt family is okay. We got off relatively easy down here, but the New Jersey neighborhood where I grew up is apparently a mess.

    1. All's well, Jeff -- thanks. We did wind up escaping even inconvenience, in the end. Hope friends and family in the old neighborhood are okay!