Monday, September 30, 2013

Steven Wilson's "Drive Home"

I don't want to over-saturate this blog with my interest trends, but I can't avoid this one. It's just too stinking good.

I have been chirping a bit about my interest in the music of Steven Wilson, of late. A while ago, I posted a fan-made video for his song "Heartattack in a Layby." It got some pretty good reactions from readers, both on the site and on other media. I like that -- it is still cool, in this info-crazy world, to feel like one is spreading the word about someone.

Wilson is a rare success story -- a guy who does music for art's sake and who has managed to be successful enough to keep going with it. Even his videos demand something from the viewer. He is the real thing, artistically.

His latest album, The Raven the Refused to Sing...and Other Stories is evidence of this. I don't do full-on reviews (they are stupid, when it comes to music, I think) but it is my favorite thing he has done, by far. I especially like the homage to some of the older progressive rock. And, on top of it all, Alan Parsons produced and engineered it with Wilson.

(I'm still waiting for the call from Steven for a collaboration. I know it is only a matter of time. Surely when he hears my Hats and Rabbits CD...)

I had to share this video, which recently came out. I heard Wilson interviewed regarding The Raven... and he mentioned that he had been reading a lot of early twentieth century horror literature, particularly the wonderful work of  M.R. James, and he had had the idea to write a collection of short stories. The Raven... came out of this inspiration. You can see that carried through here, in the video for the hauntingly beautiful and progressively impressionistic song "Drive Home." (The film is by Jess Cope; the story concept for the video was written by Wilson and Hajo Muller.) Enjoy it. I was delighted. (The only word that fits how this made me feel... Perfect Halloween fare, too.)

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