Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Rebellion in Socks

My boys are both in middle school. They are both in a few activities. Both of them are in the chess club. Both of them are in the band. One of them is in choir. They have also done things like "Lego Club" and they both earned quite a few belt-levels in karate. They come home from these activities and they "knock out" their homework. Then, we all eat dinner together.

Yes, you heard right. All four of us at the table, talking and eating.

After dinner, the boys will play their allotted video game time. My wife and I might read or watch something on Netflix. I might go up to my studio and work on some music or practice my guitar. On some nights, we will all watch a movie together in the living room.

Near the boys' bedtime, my younger son and I almost always go upstairs to read a chapter of The Lord of the Rings together. By then, it is time for them to go to bed.

Once the boys are in bed, I usually go up to bed and read until it's sleepy time for me. Karen, who may have been finishing up studying for a class comes up soon after.

With some variations, this is our typical night. Sometimes I have to go to a lesson or to a rehearsal or to a gig; sometimes I have night time activities at school; sometimes the boys will have something at night; sometimes Karen has to go out. But, usually, this is how it goes for us: dinner and quiet evenings at home. (And even on nights when one of us has to go out, we usually have dinner together.) 

One can almost feel the vibrations of societal pressure pressing in at the walls of our house. I do react, though. You must know, I do react...usually, it's by wriggling my besocked toes and stretching into a more comfortable position on my reclining chair.

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